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Home Comfort is More than Just Heating & Cooling!

Poor air quality in your home can make you miserable, here’s why:

There are many factors that can influence your home comfort including air humidity, temperature, and purity.

Temperature is a big factor because you can quickly notice when your home is too hot or too cold.

Humidity control also plays a huge role in regulating comfort, especially when it comes to those hot NC summers. Humidity issues can sometimes be mistaken for a faulty thermostat because changing the humidity can change how the temperature “feels” in the home. As a result, your thermostat can be set to 70, but the temperature in the home feels much cooler.

Purity levels of the air can also have an impact on how comfortable your home feels, especially for people with any respiratory or immune problems. Over time, contaminants, pollen, and dust collects in the air and can cause illness, irritation, difficulty breathing. That’s why it’s so important to change the filters in your HVAC system regularly in order to catch and remove those contaminants from the air. Using an additional air purification system can dramatically help improve the quality of your air.

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Types of Air Purification Systems:

  • Reduces wear and tear on system

  • Fixes minor issues before they become costly repairs

  • Ensures system is running at peak efficiency

  • Reduces energy bills

  • Keeps system clean to prevent malfunction

  • Extends lifespan of system

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